10 March 2010

Grave Distractions Publications to Provide Services for Green Hills Press

Grave Distractions Publications is happy to announce an arrangement with Green Hills Publications has been achieved.   The team at Grave Distractions will be providing support for the works of authors Dr. James T. Baker and Dr. Francis Martin.  It is our goal is to bring the works of both men into the realm of on demand printing as well as the ePublication format in order to expand the readership of these gentlemen's superior works.

Dr. James T Baker is a respected historian and professor at Western Kentucky University.  Along with his historical texts, Dr. Baker is an accomplished fiction author.  Grave Distractions has been tasked with preparing Holidays with Sundae, Dogs to Men, and Quest for on demand traditional prints and various eBook formats.  Along with those titles, Dr. Baker has three previously unreleased manuscripts in which we are eagerly looking forward to bringing to readers in both print and eBook format.

Dr. Francis Martin is the head of Green Hills Publishing and has also authored a number of titles.  His works primarily deal with various religious topics and grief counseling.  Dr. Martin is busy developing previous works for rerelease.  We will keep you informed to Dr. Martin's progress and his scheduled release dates.
The team at Grave Distractions is excited to present these author's works to a wider audience of readers.

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