05 May 2010

Faith for a Dark Saturday to be Re-Released

Grave Distractions Publications will assist Green Hills Press in re-releasing an updated version of James T Baker's 1973 title Faith for a Dark Saturday.  eBook and print versions will be out soon pending some final work on the title.  If you'd like to be emailed when Faith for a Dark Saturday is released, drop a line to info@gravedistractions.com with the subject line "Faith for a Dark Saturday".  We will promptly email you the release information.

Synopsis of Faith for a Dark Saturday
Everyone, sometimes in his life, experiences a dark Saturday of despair like the Saturday between the crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ. In Faith for a Dark Saturday, Dr. Baker imaginatively tells the stories of persons in the Bible who experienced severe testing of their faith and reached the darkest hour of despair. They were not aware of the dawn of the resurrection day that was soon to follow.  Even though they could not see into the future, their faith sustained them through these dark hours.

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