14 June 2010

Preview Jean Victoria Norloch's Truth: A Novel

Finding one's own truth of what it takes to be happy can be an extraordinarily liberating experience. For Feenx, a divorced, single mother, it starts with a sudden whim to quit her job in Toronto and embark on her own personal quest, one that takes her to the other side of the world, to the Philippines.

But what she intends to find varies greatly from what she actually discovers. In a place where oppression, starvation, strong family values, the survival instinct, and unconditional faith intermingle, Feenx awakens to all the possibilities that life presents. It is here that she reconnects with a young Canadian/Filipino musician, a man who represents the lost love she has been hungering for her entire life.

During her stay, Feenx writes daily letters to a friend back home telling of her travels, the culture, the people, and all the lessons she's learned about life and love. But overshadowing it all is Feenx's struggles with her own lack of faith, and the unrelenting desire to leave her previous life behind and stand by a man she hardly knows, yet with whom she has shared her life many times before...

Passionate and profound, Truth examines the soul of humanity through the hourglass of one woman's irrepressible spirit.

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