19 September 2011

New Relase by Brian J Allan: The Believers: A Reinterpretation of Mystical and Religious Phenomena

In our second eBook release this weekend for paranormal and esoteric author Brian J Allan, The Believers: A Reinterpretation of Mystical and Religious Phenomena we see the next step in a logical progression of research and inquiry: are the "spiritual" and "religious" matters that humanity espouses or embraces intimately connected to, or part of, the paranormal and anomalous realm?  Is this part of a greater reality which is not only quantum in the micro- and macro-level, but also a source of manipulative intelligences, some of which are greater than our own? Some people seem destined to be used by these manipulative forces for destructive ends; others seem doomed to be dupes. Brian examines all of this with his characteristically crisp insight and rapier wit, and as always, his research is factually impeccable. This is a very important book, and one that should reside on the shelves of every student of comparative religion, mythology, Forteanism, Ufology, and the paranormal.  Brian compares cults, religious practices, relics, and personalities to their paranormal counterparts. 

Grave Distractions Publications has converted this text from the original print to various eBook formats. As of today it is available on Smashwords and at Barnes and Noble's Nook store. Releases for Amazon's Kindle, the iBookstore, and Sony eReader will be in the upcoming weeks.

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