09 July 2012

Grave Distractions Publications Announces Expanded eBook Distribution

Through our relationship with eBook distributor Smashwords, we are expanding our eBook distribution. Currently Grave Distractions Publications ships to the following eBook markets: Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Bilio, Diesel eBooks, Google Books, Kobo Books, Smashwords, and Sony eBooks. We will be adding Inktera, Page Foundry,and Versent as part of our distribution network. These eReader applications will be available on the following platforms:

Cricket Wireless is the leading mobile operator of pre-paid smart phones you can purchase in places like Target and Best Buy. Cricket has roughly 2.5 million monthly smart phone subscribers, and Page Foundry is powering the ebook store app available to all existing and new smart phone customers. Starting this summer, new Cricket subscriber phones will ship pre-loaded with the Page Foundry app (previously, subscribers had to manually download the app from the Cricket app store).

Asus, a leading manufacturer of netbooks, notebooks and tablets, currently has about 8 million devices here in the US pre-loaded with the Page Foundry ebook store app, all part of their @Vibe media store. Page Foundry is one of two pre-loaded ebook store apps on the Asus devices.

Vesent and Inktera are two sister e-reader apps, available for download to Android devices from Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market). Versent and Inktera also sell books through their websites at
http://www.versentbooks.com and http://www.inktera.com Page Foundry set up these two sites as experimental showcases of their platform, though they've also started attracting some customers so they plan to continue operating the sites as independent ebook retailers.

The distribution above is currently US-only. Page Foundry plans to add additional mobile operators and device-makers in the future, and further international distribution is possible.(Thanks to Smashwords for the overview)

The additional distribution is in line with Grave Distractions Publications dedication to offering a wide range of markets for our authors and customers. Our titles will be showing up in these new networks in the next few weeks. 

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