28 February 2013

Amazon Wants to Sell Used eBooks?

This morning I almost choked on my coffee when I read Peggy Hageman's article "Amazon Wants to Sell Used Ebooks: Everyone is Confused" on the eConetent website. I would urge you to read the article before reading on... 

This is a potentially dangerous move for Amazon to make within the indie author community. While  Grave Distractions Publications is dedicated to giving value to our customers, we're also committed to delivering high margins to our authors. Our eBooks pricing model is to discount an eBook 50% to 70% of a print edition's retail. This model fulfills both commitments listed above. To either cut an author's royalties out of the equation or diminish royalties for selling at a rock bottom price point will only benefit Amazon (and any other "resellers" out there) and reinforce the notion there is no value in digital content to consumers. 

All those associated with Grave Distractions Publications love to write to share their ideas with the world, but we also like to eat and provide for our families. Be it digital, print, audio, or any other format an author's work has value. To decrease that value will insure fewer indie authors' voices will be heard. What has happened in the last three or four years in publishing is nothing less than revolutionary and indie publishing houses/authors have challenged the corporate publishing paradigm... and won. Moves like selling "used eBooks" will only suppress the indie spirit and once again shift control of the printed word back to corporate boardrooms.   If you're comfortable with having fewer choices and corporately censored books, buy all the "used eBooks" Amazon will offer. We here at Grave Distractions Publications will keep fighting against the tyranny of corporate control of the printed word.

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