29 October 2013

GDP Takes Part in the Amazon Match Program

Starting today Amazon has rolled out their "Match Program" for digital editions. The program allows those who have purchased a print edition of a book, through Amazon, to get the eBook version of the book at a reduced rate or even free. It seems that print books purchased at any time, via one's Amazon account, can get the digital upgrade. Think of all the books you've loaned to friends over the years that have never been returned. Now's your chance to digitally reclaim those lost texts.

The majority of the Grave Distractions Publications print catalog has been enrolled in this program including the works of: Gloria Amendola, Dr. James T. Baker, Heather Carver, Rev. Michael Carter, Dr. Robert Eisenman, Brian Kannard, Carrie Kirkpatrick, William Michael Mott, Jean Victoria Norloch, Rick Osmon, and Thomas Wood.

The timing of the program couldn't be better with the upcoming holiday travel season. Even if you love the experience of paper on fingers reading, you have an affordable way to continue reading a book without lugging a print edition around the airport.

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