07 May 2015

What to Do If Images Do Not Show Up in a Facebook Post

You’ve just posted a killer blog article or updated a page on your book’s website. After calling Mom to check out your handiwork, the second thing you’re going to do is drop a post on Facebook. You’ve finalized your post’s copy and you insert the link into the Facebook post. You’re horrified to see that the image of your book cover isn’t showing up in your Facebook post.

The above situation happens quite often when we’re posting items on Facebook. Here’s the simple fix. Facebook has a tool that should fix that issue. Head over to Facebook’s Debugger Page. Simply copy and paste your URL into the box and hit the debug button. Through Facebook’s electronic mojo, the URL will be crawled and your image should appear at the bottom of the screen. Then go back and reenter your post with the URL. We’ve never seen a situation where posts have images retroactively added, so the best practice is just to begin again.

Remember that any social media posts with images or video attract more attention than posts without some sort of graphic. If you don’t take the time to debug a URL that’s not showing a graphic, not only will it not show up on your post, it won’t appear on posts of people that share your posting.

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