18 January 2016

Tim Wallace-Murphy's The Genesis of a Tragedy: A Brief History of the Palestinian People

A Brief History of the Palestinian People Book Cover
We've been waiting to make this announcement until this title hit the streets. Tim Wallace-Murphy is the newest member of the Grave Distractions Publications family. We've reissued a previously eBook only edition of Tim's The Genesis of a Tragedy: A Brief History of the Palestinian People.  Tim Wallace-Murphy is a well known author and lecturer who has written twelve previous books on a variety of historical and spiritual themes. As a young idealist of Jewish extraction, steeped in military history, he was completely taken in by the mythology surrounding the foundation of the state of Israel. It was romantic, dramatic, appealing, and so professionally and pervasively promoted that he went for it hook, line and sinker. Truth did not even begin to impinge on this fantasy until after the bombing of Beirut and the TV news broadcasts about the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla. Then he began to search for the truth.  

Tim is no stranger to contentious issues and he tackles the controversial subject of Israeli/Palestinian history with deep and penetrating research and then lets the facts speak for themselves. The long catalogue of atrocities committed against the Palestinians are largely founded on official Israeli sources, government documents, Hagganah archives and the memoirs and diaries of a variety of Israeli politicians and generals. On reading the resulting narrative, the mythology that was created to describe the birth of Israel vanishes like snow on a hot shovel and the powerful and all pervasive litany of lies promulgated by successive Israel governments and their supporters are exposed as the distorted lying propaganda that it really is. Israel has become the experts at blaming the victims of the persecution it has conducted for over 70 years.   

The Genesis of a Tragedy: A Brief History of the Palestinian People is now available in print and eBook formats at a number of online retailers. The previous link as a current listing of vendors. If you're interested in this title, you also might like Islamic Law in Palestine and Israel: A History of the Survival of Tanzimat and Sharia in the British Mandate and the Jewish State by Robert Eisenman as well.

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