30 January 2010

Filed By; Part One

I received an interesting e-mail from my rep at the File By website   the other day.  My rep, Maggie, had been going over my account and noticed some things that I could do to improve my web presence.  She had offered her cell phone number for me to contact her if I needed any assistance.  I might not have thought that so unusual if I had a premium account with Filed By.  With economy laced with dignity being the mantra of any small business, I have a free account with Filed By.  The thought of getting customer service via a free website account intrigued me. 

For those not familiar with the Filed By site, it is like an IMDB for authors.  At the free level, they give authors a page that includes: a bio, a couple of links, a video post, listing for your book, and integration with Google Books preview function.  The site is slick looking and has a better presentation than the Author's Den site or other similar sites. The site has expanded features for $99/year and up for premium account holders.

I chatted with Maggie for about 30 minutes about my book and Grave Distractions.  She had some helpful suggestions and invited me to stop by their Nashville offices.  All the while, there was no talk of an up sale to a premium account for me.  This was purely a customer service call.  Refreshing that change that an internet business model remembers what a simple phone conversation can do for their business.  From that alone, I think I'll be a member with Filed By for quite a while.

I'll follow up when I make my visit to the offices sometime in the next week or so...

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