28 January 2010

New Direction for the Grave Distractions Blog

Up until this point, the Grave Distractions Blog has been the official blog for my book Skullduggery: 45 True Tales of Disturbing the Dead.  That still holds true, but there will be additional components to this blog that bear some explaining.

When I registered the ISBN for Skullduggery, I was asked for the name of the publisher.  Since I was self-publishing, I really didn't have a publisher's name to list. I have thought of eventually starting a publishing company that assisted folks like me who just needed a little help.  Many of those wishing to self publish and take advantage of on demand printing might have all the pieces of the puzzle except one or two.  It might be internal layout or the book cover that seems outside of the author's reach.  Why not find the right person in the freelance world to make your publication happen?

Thus, Grave Distractions Publications was born.  To date, we have one other book in the publication process and in negotiations to do four more.  This blog will now be more bent towards the self publishing process.  The editorial board at Grave Distractions invites you to learn more about the company at www.gravedistractions.com

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