15 July 2010

Dr. James T Baker Releses Peter Peacock Passes

Grave Distractions Publications is happy to announce that Dr. James T. Baker's latest novel Peter Peacock Passes has been released in various eBook formats.   

Peter Peacock Passes is the tale of a Texas youth in the 1960's who has to come to terms with his desire to become a minister and find a meaningful relationship. Follow Peter's misadventures as he learns to minister to his flock and the women he meets along the way. When one adds the needs of those Peter ministers to, the path to the straight and narrow becomes complicated. The secrets of those Peter ministers to are on par with his own. Will Peter Peacock navigate the shoals of mortality and pass his final exam?

Grave Distractions Publications has provided cover art, layout, eBook conversion, and marketing support for Peter Peacock Passes. 


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