29 July 2010

Jean Victoria Norloch Releases Going Home to Heaven

Grave Distractions Publications is happy to announce Jean Victoria Norloch's second novel Going Home to Heaven has been released at Smashwords in various eBook formats.  Traditional print and Kindle editions of Going Home to Heaven will be released soon.  

During one of her many trips to the other side of the world,  Feenx receives an email from Heaven and is offered a choice – Stay on Earth and continue to work with the man Feenx knows to be her past, present and future; or go home to Heaven.  The reward is to learn from the spirits of truths that will help both her and her partner further their future work on Earth.
To go home to Heaven is to leave behind all those Feenx  loves. The brave soul risks losing connection with not only them, but the woman she was. Keeping with her nature, Feenx takes the risk and accepts God’s offer.  Embarking on a journey into the unknown,  our heroine does not know how long she will be gone or if ever she will be allowed to return.

Completing her transition into her little slice of heaven, Feenx acquaints herself with the local inhabitants. Each is a person who has been given the same offer as herself.  Joining forces with an old friend, a human fairy, a demon, and a couple old souls;  Feenx engages in an exploration of the human condition as seen from the view of these new friends.  Eventually, Feenx is approached by ancient spirits and agrees to be a tool with which they can communicate openly to those on Earth.  Though some of what Feenx learns cannot be immediately reconciled as truths,  she allows the ancients to continue their lessons.  The light of the truth she has thus far faced are but a candle beside the burning sun of the challenges Feenx will face in the future.  Feenx persists in her exploration of humanity, hoping she might share the slightest spark of that light upon returning to Earth.  Feenx survives her brief trip to Heaven and returns to those she loves. Holding dear to the hope for the future, Feenx continues her work with a fresh outlook on the potential strength of the human spirit.  

Going Home to Heaven is a unique exploration of the soul of humanity.  Seen through the eyes of highly spirited and unique entities whose only desire is to help humans move past the "now".  The goal being to being humanity into a new world of light, love and laughter.

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