19 April 2015

No Safe Haven: Homeland Insecurity by Ken Hudnall

No Safe Haven Homeland Insecurity Ken Hudnall
Retired United States Army Captain, Ken Hudnall, presents a frightening view of America's true risks of terrorism. Using transcripts of pre-September 11th Congressional hearings as the backbone of this text, we are able to see that the United States government was well aware of the vulnerabilities in our border control policy. Even though these Congressional hearings are over a decade old, our borders still are plagued with the same issues today. Nothing can speak more to the point than our own politicians voicing their fears about porous borders. Also included in this text are ways to prepare for various terrorist attacks and an analysis of very real threats to the security of every American city.

About Author Ken Hudnall

Military veteran, Captain Ken Hudnall, was an instructor in urban warfare at the United States Army Infantry School and is the author of 40 plus books, including the award winning Manhattan Conspiracy series. The first in the series was written in 1992, but was a chillingly accurate portrait of the terrorist attacks on New York City in both 1993 and 2001. He has appeared on CNN, FOX News, Coast to Coast AM and other major networks as a special consultant in urban warfare. In addition to his works of fiction, he has written extensively on the issues of unidentified flying objects and national security. Ken also hosts a nightly talk show on his radio networkthat deals with the paranormal, conspiracies, and the unexplained. Ken currently lives in El Paso, Texas with his wife. To find out more about Ken, visit his website at www.kenhudnall.com.

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