19 April 2015

Occult Connection Volume 1 by Ken Hudnall

The Occult Connection UFOs Secret Societies and Ancient Gods Ken Hudnall
The Occult Connection: UFOs, Secret Societies and Ancient Gods was released to the reading public in 1989 and this represents a digital edition of Ken Hudnall’s classic work. Hudnall’s ideas have influenced a score of recent works on the subject of alien intervention in humanities’ affairs. Throughout human history there has been an invisible hand at work guiding our development to a very precise goal. Author Ken Hudnall uses the now infamous Majestic 12 (MJ-12) documents from the late 1940s as a starting point to uncover a web of deception running the length and breadth of humanity’s collective experience. Working from an ancient aliens theory base, Hudnall explores how the ancient gods of our myths and legends have remained among us in plain sight. Known only as "The Shning Ones", these aliens have traded in their flying chariots, described in ancient texts, for the flying saucers seen all over the world today. Furthermore, these shadowy figures loom in the cigar filled rooms of groups like the Bilderburgs, Council on Foreign Relations, and dozens of other front organizations. But this is just the public face of the insidious alien menace. Hudnall draws connections between these publicly known groups and secret societies operating as an “Oz behind the curtain.” The goal of the true alien driven secret society agenda is not only to obfuscate their presence, but to control humanity for their own nefarious ends. Utilizing the Illuminati as their spring board, these aliens use the legendary men in black as foot soldiers in their crusade of control.

Follow along as the text explores all of the aspects of the UFO phenomenon and their connection between abductions of human by alleged alien spaceships, secret societies, and the ancient gods of history. The Occult Connection: UFOs, Secret Societies and Ancient Gods will leave you questioning every aspect of our collective history and how this manipulation has shaped your life.

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About Author Ken Hudnall

Military veteran, Captain Ken Hudnall, was an instructor in urban warfare at the United States Army Infantry School and is the author of 40 plus books, including the award winning Manhattan Conspiracy series. The first in the series was written in 1992, but was a chillingly accurate portrait of the terrorist attacks on New York City in both 1993 and 2001. He has appeared on CNN, FOX News, Coast to Coast AM and other major networks as a special consultant in urban warfare. In addition to his works of fiction, he has written extensively on the issues of unidentified flying objects and national security. Ken also hosts a nightly talk show on his radio network that deals with the paranormal, conspiracies, and the unexplained. Ken currently lives in El Paso, Texas with his wife. To find out more about Ken and his radio show, visit his website at www.kenhudnall.com.

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